In France, home sales have fallen, but prices have not

Many had expected prices to fall significantly in 2023 after an analysis report covering the period June 2022 to June 2023 showed they fell by about 10% on average over that period.
However, according to analytical data, annual sales fell by 16%, housing prices per square meter decreased by only 1.7%.
Key changes in the French housing market in 2023:
1. -1.7% reduction in house prices per sq.m.
2. -3.4% reduction in apartment prices per sq.m.
3. -1.3 sq.m: reduction in the average area of ​​purchased real estate
4. -4.2% reduction in average transaction cost
5. 16% fewer transactions than in 2022
6. 8 days longer average transaction time for homes
7. 14 days longer average transaction time for apartments
There is only one market lever left that can save the market: prices. They will have to decline more than in 2023 to counter the excessive growth of recent years, analysts conclude.