The most expensive cities in the world by cost of living in 2024

The rankings are based on spending in New York City. This means that for New York the index is 100%. If a city has a cost of living index of 120, that means it is 20% more expensive than New York. This data takes into account spending on consumer goods, including food, restaurants, transportation and utilities. Living expenses such as rent or mortgage are considered separately.
So, the most expensive cities in the world in terms of cost of living:
1. Hamilton, Bermuda
2. Zurich, Switzerland
3. Basel, Switzerland
4. Lausanne, Switzerland
5. San Jose, USA
6. Geneva, Switzerland
7. San Francisco, USA
8. Bern, Switzerland
9. Washington, USA
10. New York, USA
Moscow was in 268th place in the ranking, located between Istanbul and Antalya. Tbilisi (Georgia) took 247th place, Batumi - 276. Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) is located at position 270. Note that in total 362 cities of the world are represented in the ranking.