The ranking of world passports for freedom of visa-free travel for the first quarter of 2024 has been published

For the first time in 19 years of observation, six countries took first place with a record number of opportunities for visa-free travel: four of them are European Union countries - Germany, Italy, Spain and France, two Asian countries - Singapore and Japan. Passport holders from these countries can travel visa-free to 194 destinations around the world (out of 227).
South Korea, Finland and Sweden took second place (193 visa-free destinations), Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands shared third place (192). The top 10 countries in the latest Index are European countries. The UK has moved up to fourth position (191) and the US is in seventh place (187). It has been 10 years since both of these countries topped the Index in 2014.
Over the past period, Russia has concluded visa-free travel agreements with Angola, Kenya, Kiribati and Ethiopia, but fell to 51st place due to changes in the positions of other countries in the Index. The Russian Federation passport provides visa-free access to 119 countries.
The study points to the relationship between economic performance and investment migration programs. For example, most economically developed countries offer one way or another of obtaining residency or citizenship by investment. For example, among the countries of the African continent, only 6% provide such opportunities.