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Nagatino i-Land is a new business class residential island near the center of Moscow. The concept of the project involves the creation of a comfortable environmentally friendly environment within the metropolis. It combines various approaches to organizing the living environment with careful care for the comfort of residents and its environment, together with the dynamically developing Danilovsky district and the proximity to the center of the capital, both by car and by metro. On the territory of the quarter there will be houses of different heights from 5 to 34 floors, sports and leisure facilities, various household services, office centers, as well as a modern school for 825 children and 4 kindergartens. The project has its own green area of ​​almost 2.5 hectares, created according to individual landscape design. On the territory of the residential complex there will be a park with pedestrian boulevards, small squares, green yards and an exit to the embankment. A road bridge across the river will soon appear next to the next quarter, which will connect and significantly speed up the road to the center of Moscow. The project provides for various layouts - from studios to spacious six-room apartments ranging from 27 to 190 m2. Apartments are presented with free planning, high ceilings from 3.1 to 3.7 m2 and stunning views of the Moskva River. The rooftops of low-rise residential buildings will provide spaces for games, socializing and sports. For comfort, a through entrance to the staircase is designed at ground level, without steps and ramps. On the territory of the residential complex there will be an underground parking with a capacity of over 1,500 cars, and there will also be separate parking lots for carsharing, bicycles, taxis and a charging station for electric cars on the territory.
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The residential complex “Aquatoria (Aquatoria)” is being built in the Levoberezhny district of the Northern Administrative District of Moscow. Four business class buildings will be located on the shore of the Khimki reservoir, they will be united by a two-level stylobate. The height of the buildings is from 11 to 20 floors. From the complex you can quickly go to Leningradskoye Shosse, Belomorskaya Street, Festivalnaya Street, Flotskaya Street, MKAD.

The Belomorskaya, Khovrino, and Rechnoy Vokzal metro stations are a few minutes' drive away. The windows of the complex offer beautiful views of the Moscow Canal, Northern Tushino Park, and Levoberezhny Park. In half an hour along the Leningradskoye Highway you can reach the center of the capital. The road to Sheremetyevo Airport will take the same amount of time. Near the complex there are public transport stops: No. 43, No. 43k, No. 199, No. 342k, No. 481, No. 532k.

After the Aquatoria complex is fully put into operation, residents will be provided with all the necessary infrastructure facilities that will be located in the stylobate: kindergarten, school, supermarket, shops, cafes, restaurants, fitness center, social enterprises.

Within a few minutes' drive from the complex there are kindergartens and schools: kindergarten No. 500, kindergarten No. 405, kindergarten No. 347 "Bell", three branches of school No. 158 (including a boarding school), school No. 167 named after Marshal Govorov . For sports lovers, the dance studio "9 halls", the Wild Athletic fitness club, the Sparta fitness club, the Paris Life fitness club, the IDOL GYM fitness club, the BabyGoal children's football club, the sports club named after O.P. Makarov "Vympel".

Near the complex there are the “Best Clinic” medical center, city clinic No. 45, dental clinic No. 32 “Dent”, and the medical company “Invitro”. There is a post office No. 125445 on Valdaysky Proezd. Within walking distance from the complex there are the Auchan hypermarket, the Tsar's Fish Artel store, the Ruslan LTD store, the Miart minimarket, Billa, Pyaterochka, Azbuka Vkusa supermarkets, "Dixie" On the neighboring streets there are cafes and restaurants: “Tanuki”, “Via Romano”, “Piano”, “Marmolada”, “Tapchan”, “Yorkshire”, “Yakitoria”.

Developer reliability
The developer of the Aquatoria residential complex is the Wainbridge development company with experience in Russia and abroad. The company has successfully commissioned more than two dozen projects in major cities around the world, including London and New York. Wainbridge is engaged in the implementation of projects using advanced technologies in the construction of premium residential and non-residential buildings.

The Aquatoria residential complex was financed by Sberbank. Also collaborating with the developer are Sovcombank, SMP Bank, Promsvyazbank, which ensure that the potential buyer receives a mortgage loan. Agreements for the purchase of housing are drawn up in accordance with Federal Law-214.

In the residential complex, buyers will be offered 851 apartments of different sizes (studios - from 33.49 square meters, two-room apartments - from 48.83 square meters, three-room apartments - from 62.54 square meters, four-room apartments - from 88.52 square meters , five-room apartments - from 152.16 sq. meters), as well as forty types of layouts, four types of interior decoration.

The peculiarity of apartment decoration is panoramic glazing and the use of environmentally friendly, natural materials. Some apartments are equipped with spacious terraces. Kitchens and living rooms are combined. Bedrooms have their own bathrooms and dressing rooms.

The buildings of the complex are equipped with central air conditioning, a fire sprinkler system, an access control system and 24-hour video surveillance. The territory of the complex overlooks its own landscaped embankment with a beach and a yacht club. In addition to infrastructure facilities, the two-level stylobate will house parking. Car access to the courtyard and embankment will be closed.
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The City Bay residential complex is being built at the address: Volokolamskoe shosse, 95-97 in the North-Western administrative district of Moscow in the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo district. The City Bay business class complex is located in one of the ecologically cleanest districts of Moscow. The construction plan of the City Bay residential complex provides for quarter development, which consists of buildings with variable number of storeys from 8 to 52 floors. The buildings are formed by four closed courtyards that connect the boulevard and its own embankment. The total area of ​​the residential complex is over 11 hectares. The rich internal infrastructure provides for the construction of kindergartens and schools, the arrangement of the embankment and sports grounds. The architectural solution from one of the leading Moscow bureaus Kamen assumes a combination of different textures, materials, colors and heights - from low-rise buildings to skyscrapers. This creates a voluminous and heterogeneous space that makes City Bay unique in this area of ​​Moscow. Clinker tiles in natural shades lend coziness and tradition to mid-rise buildings, the combination of metal and glass dictates the futurism and ambition of skyscrapers. The residential complex is located in the North-West of Moscow in the ecologically favorable area of ​​Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo. The complex is located on an area of ​​11 hectares near the Spassky backwater of the Moskva River. The fully landscaped Mitinsky Landscape Park is within a five-minute drive. And the main centers of attraction and leisure for residents will be the shopping and entertainment centers "Crocus City" and "Vegas" - shopping and entertainment for the whole family. The Crocus City complex regularly hosts concerts, including world stars, exhibitions and other unique events. Convenient access to mkad and volokolamskoe highway. To st. "Knitted" MCD is only 5 minutes on foot (travel time to Komsomolskaya Square is only 33 minutes), 5 minutes away by public transport metro "Tushinskaya". The inner territory will be equipped with playgrounds and sports grounds, places for walking and recreation.

The ground floors of the houses will house various shops, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies and bank branches, all the household services necessary for a comfortable life. The construction of its own kindergartens and schools is envisaged. Under the entire territory of the complex there is an underground parking for 710 cars, all elevators go down to the parking. Carts for unloading purchases are provided in the parking lot. Thanks to the concept of a “courtyard without cars”, the entire area will be safe for children.
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The architectural concept of the Crystal residential complex is based on crystalline forms, which are reflected as a leitmotif in the façade solutions. Stained glass bay windows and volumetric elements turn the building into the dominant feature of the area.

The restrained color schemes of the facades contrast with bright accents in the interiors of public areas, which, like the heart of a crystal, are made with jewelry precision and attention to detail. Their author is the leading architect of the international design bureau HBA Konstantina Kuzak. There will be a lounge area for receiving guests, and the decoration will use semi-precious stones with an original color combination.

The apartments have a functional and comfortable layout with good insolation. The highlight of the project are the Carre apartments - the name comes from the French word and means “quadrangular, square”, which fully reflects the configuration of the room.

The Crystal residential complex is located in the Union Park quarter, close to the new Karamyshevskaya metro station. The windows of the apartments will offer views of the Moscow River, Serebryany Bor, Zhivopisny Bridge and the Moskvoretsky natural and historical park, which are located near the complex.

Developed commercial and social infrastructure.
Transport accessibility: 10 minutes to the Third Transport Ring, 20 minutes to the Garden Ring.
The best elementary school in Moscow (Khoroshkola) and the best kindergarten on the territory.
10 minutes to the new metro station “Karamyshevskaya”

Good access to the house is provided from Marshal Zhukov Avenue and Marshal Tukhachevsky Street, and the proximity of the main highways in the north-west of Moscow determines convenient transport routes to any area of the city. The distance to the Moscow Ring Road is 9 km, to the Third Transport Ring - 7 km, to the Garden Ring - 10 km.

The internal infrastructure of the Union Park quarter includes the Union Shopping Center.

In the neighboring buildings there is a premium supermarket "Azbuka Vkusa", Lyceum No. 138 and the Serebryany sports complex with a four-lane swimming pool, gyms and a solarium.

Within walking distance are Gymnasium No. 1517 and the Kurchatov School, which are among the best secondary schools in Moscow, and the Music School named after. V. V. Andreeva, fitness club. There are two shopping centers, shops, bank branches, cafes, restaurants and service departments nearby.

The new house will become the architectural dominant of the area, as characteristic a symbol as the Zhivopisny Bridge.
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The new residential neighborhood ZILART is being built on the banks of the Moskva River, ten minutes walk from the ZIL MCC station and twenty minutes from the Avtozavodskaya metro station. The territory of the complex covers 65 hectares of the former land of the plant. Likhachev (ZIL). It is not far from the center of Moscow: the distance to the Third Transport Ring is less than a kilometer, to the Kremlin - about 5 km. By metro to the very center ("Teatralnaya") - three stops, you can get there in ten minutes. In the ZILART area, it is planned to build three automobile and two pedestrian bridges across the Moskva River, which will provide an exit from the new building to Andropova Avenue and Varshavskoe Shosse. In total, 30 km of new highways will be laid along the former territory of ZIL, including a backup of the Varshavskoye Highway, a highway along the MCC and the continuation of Simonovskaya Embankment to Andropov Avenue. In "ZILART" a multifaceted infrastructure of a modern mini-city is being created. An educational center for 2500 places has already been built here - a four-storey children's technopark "Quantorium", divided into thematic blocks. It contains lecture halls, gyms, a linguistic study, dining rooms and a large auditorium with a stage. The Hermitage-Moscow Museum is being built next to the school, designed by the architect Hani Rashid. It is also planned to open puppet and drama theaters, art centers and art galleries here. In addition to the "Quantorium" center, a comprehensive school for 825 students will be built, as well as 9 municipal and private kindergartens. The project includes a clinic, a medical center, a shopping complex, a hotel and various infrastructure facilities on the ground floors of residential buildings. Shopping galleries and cafes will be opened along the central pedestrian boulevard of Brothers Vesnin, which will stretch over 1.2 hectares. There will also be squares with fountains and recreation areas. One of the most ambitious projects of the complex is a landscaped embankment with walking alleys, rollerblading and bicycle paths, and places to rest by the water. It will stretch for a kilometer and will be very wide: up to 90 m from the water's edge to the facades of residential buildings. The entire former territory of the plant is divided into nine functional parts, including a sports cluster, a business zone and a technopark, where the production of cars is planned. Residents of the "ZILART" complex will be able to walk to the Ice Palace, the Synchronized Swimming Center or the "Torpedo" sports complex. The Tyufeleva Roshcha park, where 4000 trees and shrubs - pines, oaks, lindens, junipers, and larch trees - are laid out in the neighborhood of ZILART, according to the project of the landscape designer Jerry Van Eyck. There is a pond and sports grounds with fields for games, fitness equipment and turnstiles. The area of ​​the park is 10 hectares. The residential complex "ZILART" is divided into five functional zones: residential (about 1.5 million sq. M.), Commercial (objects along the main boulevard and on all first floors of houses), recreational (landscaped embankment of the Moskva River with an area of ​​about 20 hectares), park (10 hectares of green space) and educational. The height of residential buildings is from 3 to 40 floors, there are parking lots on the underground levels. The buildings of the first stage were designed by foreign and Russian architects from the SPEECH bureau, Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners, Gerasimov & Partners, Mezonproekt, Asyptotearchitecture and others. Buyers of apartments are offered a choice of dozens of layouts - from 24-meter studios to multi-room apartments over 200 sq. meters. Cozy courtyards are freed from cars and are landscaped for relaxation, games, sports activities and walks.
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The Ostrov residential complex is located in Krylatskoye, one of the most prestigious districts of the capital. The Krylatskoye area is widely known in Moscow for its favorable ecological situation with excellent transport accessibility. The elite residential complex "Ostrov" is adjacent to a forest-park area and resembles a fabulous corner. Residential complex "Ostrov" is a standard of convenience and comfort. Almost all the achievements of modern urban planning were applied in the design and construction of housing in the Ostrov residential complex. Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems that ensure the safety of residents, high-quality central air conditioning, modern filters for water purification and many other achievements of civilization - all this is the property of all residents of the Ostrov residential complex. The Ostrov residential complex is a modern compact low-rise village. It was built according to an individually designed project and organically fits into the surrounding landscape and natural landscape. In the residential complex "Ostrov" the territory is decorated with flower beds and lawns, playgrounds with small architectural forms placed on them are equipped for children, recreation areas are arranged for the elderly. Peace and safety of residents and guests of the residential complex "Ostrov" is provided by a modern, well-organized security system. Permanent access control is provided by a video surveillance and registration system. Future residents of Ostrova are offered exclusive open-plan apartments, which allows everyone to arrange a cozy corner to their liking. Especially the residential complex "Ostrov" will appeal to lovers of wildlife, they will be able to admire it from the windows of almost every apartment. To become the owner of an apartment in the Ostrov residential complex becomes the dream of everyone who has been here at least once.
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Level Akademicheskaya is a new business class residential complex located in one of the quietest and most prosperous areas of Moscow. The chamber project of 1 building is located in close proximity to the city center, in an area with ready-made infrastructure and a well-established educational environment.

Excellent transport accessibility
1 min. walk to Akademicheskaya metro stations
8 min. by car to the Garden Ring
4 minutes by car to the Third Transport Ring
13 minutes by car to the Kremlin
An area rich in history
Due to the concentration of large universities and research centers in this area, a real science city was formed in its time. Teachers, professors and academics have historically chosen it for work and life. Thanks to its contingent - the intellectual elite from all over the country - Academichesky remains one of the calmest and most prosperous districts of Moscow today.

Level Academic is located in an area with ready-made infrastructure and a well-established educational environment. It provides ample opportunities for a comfortable life, study and development due to the location of the necessary social facilities. There are 80 kindergartens, 50 schools, and 30 universities in the district. Many of them are included in the top ratings of the best educational institutions in the country. Also, in 19 minutes on foot you can reach the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after. I.M. Gubkin, and within a 9-15 minute car ride, 6 more leading universities in the country are at your service.

In addition, the area is literally surrounded by greenery of parks, starting with the cozy Academichesky 6-minute walk and ending with one of the largest parks in the city, the 50th Anniversary of October Park (12 minutes by car). The total area of natural objects within a radius of 2–6 km from the house is 476.5 hectares.

A developed internal infrastructure will also be created on the project territory - its own shopping center with a supermarket, cafes and shops. In addition, there is a closed safe courtyard on the stylobate with a children's playground, an area for sports, as well as cozy places to work in the open air.

Original architecture
The project was developed by the UNK project bureau, whose main goal was to ensure ease and guarantee the best views. For this purpose, a large percentage of the façade glazing was used (more than 50%). And the building itself is deployed in such a way that most apartments have a beautiful view towards Moscow State University and Moscow City.

Thoughtful space
We have provided more than 20 options for functional planning solutions ranging from 18 to 143 m2. And rare apartment formats: with windows in the bathrooms, with their own patios and three-sided ones with curved glazing, which opens up an even better view of the city.
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Address: The new business class project is located on Letnikovskaya Street in the Zamoskvoretsky district in close proximity to the Paveletsky transport hub
The lively area of Paveletsky Station provides excellent transport accessibility to business, cultural and entertainment attractions.

Restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, banks, sports infrastructure and business centers - everything for those who like to be in the center of events.

Move in the way that is most convenient for you: wide avenues, micromobility transport, a network of bicycle paths, pedestrian zones, underground, surface, road and railway transport are at your service so that you can quickly get to where business awaits you or, on the contrary, entertainment.
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The Shagal residential area is the largest urban development project in Europe. It is a city within a city that does not adjust to the old framework, but sets a new benchmark and standard for a residential area in Russia.

A self-sufficient and integral environment is created here, in which there is a place for the fulfillment of the needs of each inhabitant. The architecture and public spaces of the area are designed based on the daily life scenarios of specific users.

The entire area is designed on the basis of the principle of 15-minute accessibility of the necessary infrastructure and well-thought-out walking routes. The variety of walking routes and short distances between the main points of attraction allow Shagal residents to move more on foot, without falling out of the rhythm of the big city.

At the same time, the district's multi-format transport network and safe high-speed mode create comfortable conditions for moving in any other way: by bus, by car, by bicycle ..

Urban life is becoming less and less of a standard scheme, which is why Shagal relies on flexible multi-functional spaces.

A variety of layouts and types of buildings, multi-format public and commercial spaces - the area creates all conditions for self-expression and self-realization of its residents and residents.

Choose a future for your children and parents; choose how you feel more comfortable living and working - any life scenario can now be implemented within one district, without leaving it, in different formats.
145 307 $