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Location, transport accessibility
Level Donskoy is a business class apartment complex, which includes two sections with a height of 12 and 13 floors, united by a common stylobate.

The complex is located in the southern administrative district of Moscow, in the prestigious Donskoy district, on 4th Verkhniy Mikhailovsky proezd street. Level Donskoy is located next to the Third Transport Ring, Tula Overpass, Leninsky Prospekt and Avtozavodsky Most. In about 15 minutes from Level Donskoy, you can walk to Tulskaya, Shabolovskaya, Leninsky Prospekt metro stations and Gagarin Square MCC station.

In about 15 minutes from Level Donskoy, you can walk to Tulskaya, Shabolovskaya, Leninsky Prospekt metro stations and Gagarin Square MCC station.

By private car, the journey from the complex to the Third Transport Ring and Leninsky Prospekt takes 5 minutes, and to the Garden Ring - 6 minutes.

In the stylobate part there are various commercial premises for shops, cafes, service companies and health establishments. The entrance to each room is individual and, moreover, easily accessible for residents due to the pedestrian arch of the courtyard.

The complex is being built in an area with developed infrastructure. Nearby there are more than 100 places with shops, restaurants, beauty salons and consumer services. Within walking distance - 10 kindergartens, 5 schools and 4 universities. Several medical clinics operate on the territory of the district. The nearest children's clinic is located 1.3 km from the complex.

Nearby are the stadium "Luzhniki", Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, Danilovsky Market, the Great Moscow Circus, the Theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, the Darwin Museum and other iconic objects of the capital.

A 20-minute walk from Level Donskoy is one of the largest and most popular recreational areas - the Moskva River embankment, along which there are three famous parks: Gorky Park, Neskuchny Sad and Vorobyovy Gory.

The windows of the buildings of the apartment complex offer picturesque views of the Moscow City International Business Center, Moscow State University, the Shukhov Tower and other metropolitan sights, as well as the Donskoy Olympus business class residential complex and the Barkli Residence elite residential building.

Developer reliability
The Level Donskoy apartment complex is a project of the Level Group development company, created in 2016.

The company specializes in the construction of residential and commercial real estate business and comfort class, independently implementing all its projects.

In addition to Level Donskoy, Level Group is also responsible for the construction of residential complexes Kutuzovsky, Three Poplar, Level Streshnevo, Level Paveletskaya, Level Amurskaya and other objects in Moscow. She also built the Wall Street business center and the building of the Letovo international private school for gifted children in the capital.

Level Donskoy presents 268 apartments ranging from 27.8 to 131.6 sq. m with ceilings ranging from 3 to 3.8 meters. The size of the space can be increased by combining the apartments.

The entire section 2 is rented with a white box finish, which ensures that there is no noise from the repair of neighbors and no dirt in the entrance. As an additional option to the white box finish, you can choose a finishing designer finish in two versions. The cost of finishing is included in the DDU, which allows you to get it on a mortgage.

A variety of functional layouts are offered (including the project includes apartments with a patio and a penthouse with a fireplace, but they have already been sold).

The spacious Level Donskoy lobby can be accessed from the courtyard. The panoramic windows of the lobby offer beautiful views of the landscaped courtyard and green spaces, while the internal atmosphere is provided by a library and a lounge area with a fireplace.

High-tech KONE elevators will be installed in the apartment complex. Motorists will be able to use the underground parking.

On a completely car-free local area, there will be playgrounds with artificial hills, quiet corners for relaxation and walks, as well as modern sports areas. A large amount of greenery, designer architectural forms and nighttime decorative lighting will delight residents of the apart-complex and their guests every day.
170 787 $
The concept is based on the principles of innovation, richness of sound and dialectic, characteristic of Symphony No. 34 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - the work that gave the project inspiration. The architecture of Symphony 34 is a complex consonance of forms and materials, a unity of dissimilar but combined elements, complexity and integrity. As conceived by the authors of the concept, the four towers of the complex are designed to create the feeling of a city-silhouette, which becomes the embodiment of a complex dance.

The Symphony 34 residential complex will include four towers ranging in height from 36 to 54 floors. The individuality of each of the towers is emphasized by the chosen architectural solution, and all together they add up to a well-thought-out integral composition. For the facades of each of the towers, a different visual solution has been chosen. The materials of the facades that gave the names to the towers are harmoniously combined with each other: Graphite (54-storey tower A), Crystal (49-storey tower B), Silver (43-storey tower C) and Sienna (36-storey tower D). The tape of transparent floors encircling each of the towers visually unites them into a fixed architectural volume.

A distinctive feature of the project is the individuality and expressiveness of the facades. In the visual solutions of tower A, graphite-colored aluminum panels set the tone; for tower B, an emphasis was placed on large areas of tempered glass. The facades of tower C surprise with a combination of silver and matt textures of aluminum lamellas, tower D sparkles with the copper color of the facades. All towers are distinguished by an increased glazing area. The height of panoramic windows is from 2 meters.

Project advantages:
• 4 residential skyscrapers from the creators of iconic world projects - bureau Kleinewelt Аrchitekten

• 6 minutes walk from metro station "Dmitrovskaya" and 15 minutes drive to the Kremlin

• Planning solutions from the bureau Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design - the top 50 best architects in Russia and the top 25 best designers in London.

• Closed and guarded 24/7 territory

• Landscaped area with landscaping from the WEST8 workshop - the world's largest bureau from Rotterdam

• Modern two-level parking lot with access by reading license plates

• Stunning views from panoramic windows of the Moscow City business center, Timiryazevsky Park or Ostankino TV Tower

• Advanced engineering solutions. "Smart home" on the Ujin platform
184 312 $
Novodanilovskaya 8 is a business-class apartment in the historical district of Moscow, in the central part of the fashionable loft-quarter Danilovskaya Manufactory. The complex with its own pedestrian boulevard is located 100 meters from the Moskva River embankment. It is surrounded by business centers and coworking spaces.

In 3 minutes by car - exit to Varshavskoe highway, in 5 minutes - the Third Ring Road. Kremlin - 10 km: you can get to the center by car in 15 minutes, excluding traffic jams.

Public transport is within walking distance from Novodanilovskaya 8. Tulskaya metro station and Verkhniye Kotly MCC station are 1.4 km from the complex. Bus and tram stops are within 300 m.

In 10-15 minutes from the complex there is a park "Becket" with a pond, "Tyufeleva Roshcha", several large universities: MGAVT, MAEP, First MGMU im. Sechenov. A 5-minute drive - "CSKA Arena", a sports complex with a 50-meter swimming pool, Danilovsky market.

Danilovskaya Manufactory is an active business cluster. On the territory of the Novodanilovskaya 8 complex itself there is a coffee shop for residents, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, sports clubs and shops, kindergartens and schools, creative and sports sections, foreign language courses.

The complex provides an underground parking equipped with a number reading system, as well as a guest parking.

At a height of 6 m, there is a stylobate - a place for rest and communication. Modern work-out zones, playgrounds, and a promenade will be equipped here.

The Novodanilovskaya 8 apartment complex consists of three 24-storey buildings with panoramic views of the Moskva River, parks and historical buildings.

The architecture of the project was developed by the renowned bureau ADM. The ventilated heat-saving facades are decorated with decorative bricks. Design entrance lobbies at ground level create a barrier-free environment. The houses are equipped with silent Otis business class elevators and air purification systems.

Each house has a lobby ranging from 75 sq. m with panoramic windows, soft sofas, fireplaces and Wi-Fi. Correspondence areas and strollers are equipped here. On each floor there are keller rooms for storing seasonal items.

The complex will be equipped with an intelligent system "Smart Home" and the latest engineering equipment. In a special mobile application, it will be possible to regulate the microclimate at home, adjust the lighting, open the blinds, monitor the operation of equipment, pay bills and communicate with the management company.

"Smart home" is the safety of residents. The system is equipped with a face recognition function, provides remote access to webcams and security systems, and sends messages about leaks in the house.

Apartments in "Novodanilovskaya 8" are offered with designer finishing "turnkey", there are also options for lots without finishing. In planning projects ranging from 24 to 108 sq. m. no load-bearing walls - for greater flexibility in interior solutions.

Enlarged windows let in more natural light. Planning solutions with kitchen-living rooms and dressing rooms allow efficient use of space.
185 665 $
Location, transport accessibility
The residential complex "Fili City (Fili City)" is located in a prestigious area of ​​Moscow, in the Western Administrative District, in Filyovsky Park. The site for the construction of the complex was not chosen by chance: Filevsky Park and Victory Park are located nearby, a well-maintained embankment of the Moskva River is located a few minutes walk from the residential complex. Thanks to the full panoramic glazing of all apartments, many sights of the capital will be visible: Moscow City, Victory Park, the building of Moscow State University.

There are three metro stations nearby: Fili, Bagrationovskaya and Park Pobedy. Thanks to the streets surrounding the complex (Bagrationovskaya, 1812, Denis Davydov, Zarechnaya, Seslavinskaya), you can easily go to the main highways of the city: Kutuzovsky Prospect, TTK, Shelepikhinsky Bridge, Bolshaya Filevskaya Street, Minskaya Street. Near the new building there are bus stops and minibuses. By public transport, in ten minutes you can reach the stops of the Aeroexpress trains going to Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

The Filevsky Park area has an extensive, long-established infrastructure. In the neighborhood work: two kindergartens at GBOU school number 590, three kindergartens at school number 1497, four kindergartens at school number 1114, kindergarten at school number 72, kindergarten at school number 1816, secondary schools number 590, number 1497 , No. 1114, No. 1816, No. 72. There are five sports clubs, five tennis courts in the Konstruktor Sports Complex, six swimming pools, and an indoor skating rink in Fili Park.

Within walking distance are: the famous hypermall Gorbushkin Dvor, the Mini Mall shopping center, the Fili shopping center, the OBI shopping center in Fili, the Filion shopping center, the EDA. on Bagrationovskaya ", the Carrefour shopping center, the Auchan City shopping center.

In the area of ​​the new building there are several post offices, as well as banks: Sberbank, Moscow Credit Bank, VTB Bank and others. Not far from the residential complex there are city polyclinic No. 220, polyclinic No. 2, polyclinic No. 195, clinical diagnostic center No. 4, children's city polyclinic No. 130, children's city polyclinic No. 30, children's dentistry No. 28, city orthodontic center.

Upon completion of construction, all basic infrastructure will be located on the territory of the complex. Preschool and school education will be provided by ANO Secondary School "Academic Gymnasium". This is a full-cycle educational institution - kindergarten, primary school, secondary school. Learning English begins at the age of three. Also on the territory of the complex there will be cafes, restaurants, shops.

Fili City residential complex is a business-class complex, consisting of three buildings, the height of which is from 6 to 42 floors. The walls of the buildings are monolithic, the facades are ventilated, faced with clinker tiles. There are pantries, storage space for bicycles and baby carriages. Due to the various layouts, each apartment is unique.

Apartment areas: one-room apartments - from 31.1 sq. meters, two-room apartments - from 44.4 sq. meters, three-room apartments - from 66.9 sq. meters, four-room apartments - from 101.5 sq. meters.

The houses are equipped with noiseless high-speed elevators, a fire alarm system, burglar alarms, additional water purification and video surveillance systems. A Wi-Fi network is provided on the territory of the complex. Fountains will start working in the courtyards, several sports and playgrounds will appear, ornamental shrubs and other plants will be planted.
361 493 $
Level Streshnevo is a business class apart-complex, which includes three one-section 25-storey buildings.

Three towers "Level Streshnevo" are located in the North-West Administrative District of Moscow, in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo area, on Volokolamskoye highway, next to Skhodnensky bridge, about two kilometers from the Tushinskaya metro station, four hundred meters from the bus stop "15th bus park", not far from the Spassky Bridge, the Tricotazhnaya railway platform and the Moscow Ring Road.

In the absence of traffic jams, the journey along the Volokolamskoe highway from Level Streshnevo to the central part of Moscow will take about 20 minutes.

The internal infrastructure of the complex includes a variety of shops, service services and health facilities located in the stylobate part of the buildings.

Near the "Level Streshnevo" there are kindergarten No. 1285, schools No. 1285, No. 1431, Polytechnic College No. 47 named after V.G. Fedorova, Institute for Advanced Studies, business centers "Tushino", "Fiolent", supermarket "Magnit", shopping center "All for Home", banquet hall Republic Hall, restaurant "McDonald's", sports club "Burevestnik", motorcycle show "Bike Land" , ambulance substation No. 52, branches of the bank "Russia" and "SDM-Bank".

Within a radius of three to five kilometers are the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Crocus City Hall Concert Hall, Vegas Crocus City Shopping Mall, Crocus City Mall Shopping Center, Crocus Oceanarium, Auchan and Leroy Merlin hypermarkets ", The Government of the Moscow Region, the football stadium" Otkrytie Arena "(home arena of the football club" Spartak "), sports complexes" Luch "," Red October ", children's clinic No. 94, Central Clinical Hospital No. 1.

The complex is located in a picturesque place, on the banks of the Moskva and Skhodnya rivers. Several large green areas are located nearby - the Mitino landscape park, the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park, the Shchukinsky park, the Vsekhsvyatskaya grove, the Bratsevo park, and the Stroginskaya floodplain.

In addition, the internal infrastructure of the complex includes its own park area with a variety of recreational infrastructure.

In the three towers of Level Streshnevo there are 747 apartments ranging from 23 to 210 sq. meters with ceilings up to 3.3 meters. There is a possibility of combining several apartments. There are 14 different layouts, including rare apartments with patios and penthouses with terraces.

The apartments are sold both with a white box finish and with a full-fledged designer finish, which is offered in two versions.

One of the main features of Level Streshnevo is radial panoramic glazing, which increases the viewing angle up to 270%.

The height of the ceilings in the entrance groups reaches 5.7 meters. Each building has a lounge area with a library and fireplace.

The adjacent territory of the complex is divided into several zones, and includes a multifunctional children's playground Kompan, a variety of outdoor exercise equipment and a walking area with designer gazebos and benches.

For motorists there is an underground parking for 220 cars. Residents of Level Streshnevo are also offered individual heated storage rooms with separate access from the courtyard or from the elevator.
107 095 $
The Shagal residential area is the largest urban development project in Europe. It is a city within a city that does not adjust to the old framework, but sets a new benchmark and standard for a residential area in Russia.

A self-sufficient and integral environment is created here, in which there is a place for the fulfillment of the needs of each inhabitant. The architecture and public spaces of the area are designed based on the daily life scenarios of specific users.

The entire area is designed on the basis of the principle of 15-minute accessibility of the necessary infrastructure and well-thought-out walking routes. The variety of walking routes and short distances between the main points of attraction allow Shagal residents to move more on foot, without falling out of the rhythm of the big city.

At the same time, the district's multi-format transport network and safe high-speed mode create comfortable conditions for moving in any other way: by bus, by car, by bicycle ..

Urban life is becoming less and less of a standard scheme, which is why Shagal relies on flexible multi-functional spaces.

A variety of layouts and types of buildings, multi-format public and commercial spaces - the area creates all conditions for self-expression and self-realization of its residents and residents.

Choose a future for your children and parents; choose how you feel more comfortable living and working - any life scenario can now be implemented within one district, without leaving it, in different formats.
146 442 $
Outside - classical architecture and historic facades, carefully restored by the developer to recreate the historical appearance of the famous main street.

Inside the La Rue house there are modern engineering systems combined with thoughtful layouts. Developer Capital Group has applied its experience in the modernization of historic buildings to create a real luxury home in the center of Moscow.

All apartments have a premium finish in the style of modern classics.

La Rue is a total of 106 apartments ranging from 24 to 70m2: compact studios and family apartments. This is a genuine European format of an elite house in the historical center of Moscow. La Rue has high ceilings in each apartment, ranging from 3.18 to 4.02 meters.

Premium finishes using high-quality materials - apartments in La Rue are already ready for life: full kitchen equipment is provided with household appliances and the installation of plumbing in the bathrooms.

The historical address of La Rue is Moscow, Petrovka 26: walking distance of the Kremlin and two boulevards of Moscow. Near the Central Department Store.

Construction type - restoration of a 19th century building.
244 315 $
The RiverSky business class residential area is located on the Moskva River embankment, a fifteen-minute walk from the Avtozavodskaya metro station. It will take five minutes by car to get to the Garden or the Third Transport Ring, ten minutes (in the absence of traffic jams) to the Kremlin. On the territory of the complex, a natural green landscape has been preserved; the architectural appearance of the immediate surroundings is dominated by the "Stalinist" buildings of the 1930s and 1950s. Within a few minutes walk there is the Simonov Monastery and the Simonovo River Pier, ten minutes away from the Lipki Children's Park, and within ten minutes you can drive to the Kozhukhovo National Park.

A kindergarten for 80 children is envisaged in the RiverSide residential quarter; shops, consumer services, a supermarket, a restaurant, a cafe, a bakery, a coffee shop, a beauty salon, a yoga center and other facilities will be opened on the first floors of the houses. In accordance with the reconstruction project of the Eduard Streltsov Torpedo stadium, a new sports cluster will be created with a modern football stadium and two sports complexes with a legendary boxing school, a football school, a shooting club, volleyball and basketball courts, a rollerdrome, tennis courts and the Torpedo Museum. The stadium will have an open field with a modern surface, an athletics complex and an all-season football arena. On the territory of RiverSide, it is also planned to create a community center for the residents of the complex.

The RiverSky residential area is part of a large-scale reconstruction project of the legendary Torpedo stadium named after Eduard Streltsov. More than 250 thousand square meters will appear on the territory of about 23 hectares. m of housing and commercial real estate, two sports complexes and a modern football stadium with an open arena. The project of the RiverSky complex was created in the architectural bureau "Olympproekt". The residential area is located on the banks of the Moskva River and consists of eight multi-apartment buildings of variable number of storeys (from 6 to 29 floors), united by an underground two-level parking, and two-level townhouses with a separate entrance, fireplace, terrace and private patio. The high-rise buildings will offer panoramic views of the river and the historic quarters of old Moscow. The buildings form two closed and car-free courtyards with a central pedestrian alley. The facades of the buildings are faced with bricks with 3D embossed masonry: from the outside - light shades, from the courtyard - darker. The project is distinguished by the maximum variety of residential real estate: from one-room apartments to spacious duplex penthouses. Presented apartments with a terrace, fireplace or window in the bathroom. Each apartment will have a loggia with panoramic sliding floor-to-ceiling windows that can be turned into a terrace. Apartments can be purchased without finishing, with White box finishing or turnkey renovation. The representative interiors of the entrance lobbies and common areas were designed by the UNK project architectural bureau. Landscape designers WOWHAUS created the look of a courtyard space with children's and sports grounds, workout, walking alleys and a garden with the main symbols of nature: earth, air, water, stones and plants.
200 420 $
200 665 $