"Beregovoy-2" // 2024 - 2025

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"Beregovoy-2" // 2024 - 2025
199 384 $
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Premium residential area on the banks of the Moscow River with direct access to a quiet promenade embankment. All apartments have panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows that serve as a source of soft natural light.

The glass and aluminum facade visually resembles a waterfall, and the shape of the building resembles a wave, which is associated with an eternal flow. The interior spaces will continue the exterior of the building. Soft colors and natural materials will create an aesthetic of quiet, timeless luxury.

On the ground floor there will be a lobby-living room with a relaxation area and a meeting room for leisurely work, and on the open roof there is an equipped space for residents with views of the river and the City, where it is pleasant to spend time alone or surrounded by loved ones.

The philosophy of the quarter is life free from routine. On the territory there is a closed park yard where you will feel safe, alleys with field herbs and fruit trees, areas for functional training and exciting walks with children.

Each apartment has a spacious kitchen-living room, which will reflect the values of your home and a place for meetings and dinner parties. Rare formats are presented: with dressing rooms and laundry rooms, isolated bedrooms, view bathrooms, penthouses with private terraces.
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address:  Beregovoy proezd, vl. 2

district: JSC

area: Filevsky Park

metro:  Fili

number of storeys: from 7 to 26

type of house: monolithic brick

ceilings:  from 3.2 m to 4.1 m

type:  apartments

class:  premium

number of buildings: 3

1-5 room apartments

area: from 41 sq.m. up to 174 sq.m.

finishing:  no finishing

parking: underground, guest

security:  24/7 security facilities on site school, kindergarten, clinic, playgrounds, sports grounds, recreational facilities, supermarket, restaurants, fitness center, SPA center, swimming pool, consumer services, commercial facilities

prices:  from 18.8 - 252.9 million rubles.

readiness: 2024 - 2025

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