"Club City on the Primavera River" // 2024 - 2025

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"Club City on the Primavera River" // 2024 - 2025
242 690 $
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"Club City on the Primavera River" is a premium residential area in the north-west of the capital. The residential complex is located on the banks of the Moskva River in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo area.

The architectural style "Primavera" is not very typical for Moscow. It incorporated elements of art deco, neoclassicism, and modernism. The facades combine aluminum composite panels, clinker tiles in brick tones, porcelain stoneware, and Stemalite - glass coated with enamel.

The main thing for the architects was to ensure high visual characteristics. Therefore, the buildings are placed at an angle to each other - so that most apartments have a view of the banks of the Moskva River and the territory of Moskvoretsky Park. And vertical rows of glazed terraces are located in several tiers.

Apartments in the residential complex "Club City on the Primavera River" are offered unfinished. The buildings offer a large selection of apartments - from standard layouts to housing with a separate entrance in patio format. There are premium duplex apartments and penthouses, apartments with private terraces. Most windows offer panoramic views of the parks and river.

The buildings of the residential complex will be of different heights - from 2 to 22 floors. The design of the first line towers uses elements of the Art Deco style: wavy facades and large angled windows. The façade is finished with porcelain stoneware, brick-like clinker tiles and stained glass. All entrances will feature designer lobbies with upholstered furniture, panoramic windows and high ceilings up to 6 meters - just like a hotel reception. In addition, residents will be able to use a mobile application with which they can receive a call on the intercom, call the elevator and open the door contactlessly.
address: Volokolamskoe highway, 71/12, bldg. 22
district: SZAO
area: Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo
metro: Spartak
number of storeys: 5-22
type of house: monolithic
ceilings: from 3.08 m to 3.23 m
type: apartments
class: premium
number of buildings: 2
number of rooms:   1 - 4 room apartments
area: from 40 sq.m. to 142 sq.m.
finishing: no finishing, rough
parking: underground, guest
security:  "smart intercom", comprehensive video surveillance
facilities on the territory: children's playgrounds, sports grounds, recreational areas, fitness center, consumer services, commercial facilities
prices: from 20 mil - 109 million rub
readiness: 2024-2025
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