"Club City on the Primavera River" // 2024 - 2025

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"Club City on the Primavera River" // 2024 - 2025
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"Club City on the Primavera River" is a premium residential area in the north-west of the capital. The residential complex is located on the banks of the Moskva River in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo area. The road to the Spartak metro station will take 5 minutes on foot.

Buyers are offered a large selection of apartments - from standard layouts to housing with its own entrance, patio and private terraces. There are also duplex apartments and penthouses. Most windows offer panoramic views of the parks and river.

The project is distinguished by a rich infrastructure of the club quarter: there will be kindergartens and schools, cafes and shops, sports centers and other services on the same territory. The total development area will be 280,000 m². The complex is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2024.

Transport accessibility

The residential complex is being built on a spacious site of the former Tushino airfield, a 5-minute walk from the Spartak metro station. The Volokolamsk highway is only 2 km away by car. The road to the Moscow Ring Road will take about 8 minutes without traffic jams (4 km). The exit to the Third Transport Ring is about a 25-minute drive along Leningradsky Prospekt.


The residential complex “Club City on the Primavera River” is distinguished by its proximity to nature. The complex itself was built on the banks of the Moscow River; the embankment nearby will be developed by the capital's Wowhaus bureau. An eco-park and a pedestrian boulevard will be built right next to the house, and the area itself is surrounded by Moskvoretsky and Stroginsky parks.

Infrastructure facilities will be built on the territory of the block: kindergartens and schools, cafes and shops, fitness centers and other services. The territory improvement project includes soft-surface running tracks and modern sports grounds, children's play areas and eco-trails. They promise to set up Wi-Fi in outdoor recreation areas, so in the summer you can work in the fresh air. There are 3 yacht clubs nearby.

About the developer

“Club City on the Primavera River” is building the Spartak Stadium NW. The company is the developer of the entire project for the development of the territory of the former Tushinsky airfield. Among the well-known implemented projects of the developer are the Otkritie Bank Arena stadium and the comfort-class residential complex City on the Tushino River 2018.

The developer also includes social facilities in residential real estate projects: kindergartens, schools, sports centers. Thus, the territory of the “Club City on the Primavera River” quarter will have its own Tennis Center and Sports Palace. A separate area is the improvement of public areas, boulevards and parks.

Interiors and technical solutions

Apartments in the residential complex "Club City on the Primavera River" are offered unfinished. The buildings offer a large selection of apartments - from standard layouts to housing with a separate entrance in patio format. There are premium duplex apartments and penthouses, apartments with private terraces. Most windows offer panoramic views of the parks and river. The area of the apartments is from 40 to 192 m².

Much attention is paid to natural light: for example, in the apartments of the buildings on the first line there will be corner panoramic windows. There are also options with 2 bathrooms and a master bedroom - a room with bedroom functions, a dressing room and a separate bathroom.

The buildings of the residential complex will be of different heights - from 2 to 22 floors. The design of the first line towers uses elements of the Art Deco style: wavy facades and large angled windows. The façade is finished with porcelain stoneware, brick-like clinker tiles and stained glass. All entrances will feature designer lobbies with upholstered furniture, panoramic windows and high ceilings up to 6 meters - just like a hotel reception. In addition, residents will be able to use a mobile application with which they can receive a call on the intercom, call the elevator and open the door contactlessly.
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address:  Volokolamskoe highway, 71/12, bldg. 22

district: SZAO

district:  Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo

metro:  Spartak

number of storeys: 5-22

type of house: monolithic

ceilings:  from 3.08 m to 3.23 m

class:  premium

number of buildings: 2

1- 4-room apartments

area:  from 40 sq.m. up to 142 sq.m.

finishing:  no finishing, rough

parking: underground, guest


facilities on the territory: children's playgrounds, sports grounds, recreational areas, fitness center, consumer services, commercial facilities

prices:  from 20 mil - 109 million rub.

readiness: 2024-2025

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