«Dream Towers» // 3 qr. 2023

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«Dream Towers» // 2023
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Dream Towers is a new premium residential complex, which will be located on the Nagatinskaya Poyma peninsula.

A bend in the Moscow River and a large green park area separate the complex from the rest of the city, creating an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion.

The concept of a “resort city” implies the creation of a comfortable environment here that allows you to lead an active lifestyle, spend time in nature and
This means maintaining a close connection with the metropolis and its capabilities.
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address: Andropova Ave., vl9/1

district: Southern Administrative District

area: Nagatinsky Zaton

metro: Technopark

number of storeys: 6 - 24

type of house: monolithic

ceilings:  3.15 m

class:  business

number of buildings: 3

1 - 5 room apartments

area:  from 41 sq.m. 156 sq.m.

finishing:  no finishing

parking:  underground

security:  fenced perimeter, 24-hour security, concierge, access system, video surveillance

facilities on site: kindergarten, playgrounds, sports grounds, recreational areas, dog walking areas, supermarket, restaurants, commercial facilities, parking

prices:  from 20.03 mil - 87.71 million rub.

readiness: 3 sq. 2023

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