“Level Academic” // 3rd quarter. 2025

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“Level Academic” // 2025
260 749 $
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Level Akademicheskaya is a new business class residential complex located in one of the quietest and most prosperous areas of Moscow. The chamber project of 1 building is located in close proximity to the city center, in an area with ready-made infrastructure and a well-established educational environment.

Excellent transport accessibility
1 min. walk to Akademicheskaya metro stations
8 min. by car to the Garden Ring
4 minutes by car to the Third Transport Ring
13 minutes by car to the Kremlin
An area rich in history
Due to the concentration of large universities and research centers in this area, a real science city was formed in its time. Teachers, professors and academics have historically chosen it for work and life. Thanks to its contingent - the intellectual elite from all over the country - Academichesky remains one of the calmest and most prosperous districts of Moscow today.

Level Academic is located in an area with ready-made infrastructure and a well-established educational environment. It provides ample opportunities for a comfortable life, study and development due to the location of the necessary social facilities. There are 80 kindergartens, 50 schools, and 30 universities in the district. Many of them are included in the top ratings of the best educational institutions in the country. Also, in 19 minutes on foot you can reach the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after. I.M. Gubkin, and within a 9-15 minute car ride, 6 more leading universities in the country are at your service.

In addition, the area is literally surrounded by greenery of parks, starting with the cozy Academichesky 6-minute walk and ending with one of the largest parks in the city, the 50th Anniversary of October Park (12 minutes by car). The total area of natural objects within a radius of 2–6 km from the house is 476.5 hectares.

A developed internal infrastructure will also be created on the project territory - its own shopping center with a supermarket, cafes and shops. In addition, there is a closed safe courtyard on the stylobate with a children's playground, an area for sports, as well as cozy places to work in the open air.

Original architecture
The project was developed by the UNK project bureau, whose main goal was to ensure ease and guarantee the best views. For this purpose, a large percentage of the façade glazing was used (more than 50%). And the building itself is deployed in such a way that most apartments have a beautiful view towards Moscow State University and Moscow City.

Thoughtful space
We have provided more than 20 options for functional planning solutions ranging from 18 to 143 m2. And rare apartment formats: with windows in the bathrooms, with their own patios and three-sided ones with curved glazing, which opens up an even better view of the city.
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address:  Profsoyuznaya street, 2/22

district: South-Western Administrative District

district:  Academic

metro station: Akademicheskaya

number of storeys: 19

type of house: monolithic brick

ceilings:  3.02 m

type:  apartments

class:  business

number of buildings: 1

studios - 5 room

apartments area:  from 18 sq.m. 143 sq.m.

finishing:  no

finishing parking: guest parking security:  fenced perimeter, 24-hour security, concierge, access system, video surveillance

facilities on the territory: children's playgrounds, recreation areas

prices:  from 13 mil - 117 million rub. readiness: 3 sq. 2025

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