“Luzhniki Collection” // 2026

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“Luzhniki Collection” // 2026
465 920 $
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A collection of twelve club houses in a private park on the banks of the Moscow River at the entrance to the legendary Luzhniki Sports Complex.

The LUZHNIKI COLLECTION project was created by an international team of architects as an aesthetic ensemble of objects of architectural art, each house and apartment of which is a collectible property with unique characteristics.

The panoramic windows of the apartments offer inspiring views of the Vorobyovy Gory forest and the Moscow River, the Luzhniki park area, Moscow City skyscrapers or historically significant objects of the Khamovniki district.

LUZHNIKI COLLECTION club houses are an architectural metaphor for an impeccable landscape and are combined into four collection collections:
• Waterfront – the first line of houses on Luzhnetskaya embankment
• Garden – houses in a shady garden
• Highline – houses overlooking the dynamic City
• Mountain line – an architectural ensemble of three towers along Piazza

The concept of each collection of houses is supported by the unique design solutions of their front lobbies, developed by the American bureau ODA Architects.
Access to the territory is possible only for residents, as well as access to Amenities - private infrastructure located on the 1st floor of the club space.
The ergonomics of the LUZHNIKI COLLECTION space was created by the talented solution of the British architect Philip Ball. He placed the clubhouses at the maximum distance from each other (up to 88 m), providing a sense of privacy.

The private park LUZHNIKI COLLECTION is located on an area of 8 hectares and was formed by shady alleys of the garden, located in the central part of the project, as well as cozy recreation areas that create a secluded atmosphere due to the features of the hilly terrain.
LUZHNIKI COLLECTION club houses are provided with a high-level infrastructure: a reconstructed promenade, a retail gallery with boutiques and restaurants, a central well-appointed Piazza, a modern A+ class office cluster.
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address:  Luzhnetskaya embankment

district: Central Administrative District

district: Khamovniki

metro: Vorobyovy Gory

number of storeys: 16-18

type of house: monolithic

ceilings:  3.25 m

class:  premium

number of buildings: 1

1- 4-room apartments

area:  from 50 sq.m. 154 sq.m.

finishing:  no finishing, pre-finishing

parking:  underground

security:  fenced perimeter, 24-hour security, concierge, access system, video surveillance facilities on the territory of children's playgrounds, sports grounds, recreational areas, fitness center, consumer service points, commercial facilities, offices

prices:  from 42.6 mil - 265.4 million rub.

readiness: 4 sq. 2026

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