Residential compleх "Tessinsky, 1"

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Residential compleх "Tessinsky, 1"
438 833 $
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We are building a house in the historic center, where ancient cathedrals are adjacent to the largest art quarter. In a place where everyone proudly continues the path of previous generations - and gains something very important, standing on this bridge between the past and the future. The walls of two historic buildings are part of the facade of Tessinsky 1. They did not demolish them, but carefully cleaned and restored the brickwork of the 19th century. The house in Tessinskoye maintains a dialogue not only with the surrounding historical buildings, but also with modern houses in the neighborhood. "Tessinsky, 1" helps to feel the belonging to the former greatness, without prejudice to the modern lifestyle. Owning an apartment in such a house means owning a part of Moscow. The pond is a compositional center of laconic landscaping. On both sides of the reservoir there are lawns with an adult tree. The courtyard is hidden from the noisy streets behind the facades of buildings. It is always quiet and calm here. Residents of "Tessinsky, 1" can delegate the solution of everyday issues - and be confident in their impeccable performance. Concierge service staff will accept a courier with a parcel or correspondence addressed to you, book a table in a restaurant, and take things to dry cleaning.


address: Tessinsky lane

district: TsAO

district: Tagansky

metro: China - city (15 min walk)

number of floors: 8

house type: monolithic - brick


type: apartments

class: premium

number of buildings: 1

1 - 4-room apartments

area: from 50 sq.m. 441 sq.m

finishing: no finishing, pre-finishing

parking: underground

security: fenced perimeter, concierge objects on the territory of the recreation area

prices: from 35.69 - 572.1 million rubles

readiness: 4 sq. 2022 g.

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