Residential complex "Achievement"

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"Achievement" // 2024
129 392 $
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"Achievement" is the embodiment of the dream of many townspeople: to live close to the infrastructure, entertainment and cultural events of the center of Moscow and at the same time close to parks and forests. Taking full advantage of city life, you can enjoy walks in well-kept parks within walking distance of your home. At the same time, leaving the apartment, after 15 minutes by metro or car, you will find yourself in the center of Moscow - on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Theaters, museums, concert halls, the best restaurants in the city are all within a minute's reach. The Achievement location is unique. In Moscow, there are almost no places left where you can live surrounded by parks, while close to the city center: there are only three metro stations to Tsvetnoy Boulevard, or 15 minutes by car. Within a 5-minute walk is one of the largest green areas in Moscow - 651 hectares of the largest parks: the renovated classic Ostankino park, the most visited park in Russia VDNKh with its architecture and entertainment, and the largest botanical garden in Europe, which looks more like a real forest. We treat public spaces with special attention, so they harmoniously complement apartments, as part of a single whole. The project has a fitness club according to the FIT LAB standard from Sminex for residents only, its own observation deck on the roof, a private kindergarten, a developing playground and a playroom according to the KID'S LAB standard, as well as a unique public living room with an open terrace, from where over a cup fragrant tea you can watch your child play. A landscaped courtyard has been created in the courtyard of the house on an area of ​​1.7 hectares. Its space, thanks to an original solution, turned into a picturesque valley hidden from the noise of the streets. There is a large classic fountain in the central square, a cozy pond with benches and quiet recreation areas, 5 hiking trails for the promenade, as well as separate active recreation areas: a playground, a universal sports ground and a workout area, a picnic area.
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address: Academician Koroleva, 21

district: SVAO

district: Marfino

metro: Teecenter, Butyrskaya, Miloshenkova Street

number of storeys: 21-28

house type: monolithic-block

apartments class: business

number of buildings: 1

area: from 23 sq.m. 156

finishing: no finishing

parking: underground

prices from: 8.8 - 44.7 million rubles

readiness: 2 sq. 2023 r.

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