Residential complex "City Bay"

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"City Bay" // 2023 — 2027
112 506 $
ID объекта: 17955
The residential complex "City Bay" is being built in the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow on the territory of the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo district. The business class complex "City Bay" is located in one of the most environmentally friendly areas of Moscow.

The construction plan for the "City Bay" residential complex provides for quarterly development, which consists of buildings of variable number of floors from 10 to 52 floors. The buildings form four closed courtyards, which are connected by the boulevard and its own embankment. The total area of ​​the residential complex is more than 11 hectares. The rich internal infrastructure includes the construction of kindergartens and schools, the development of an embankment and sports grounds.

The architectural solution from one of the leading Moscow bureaus, Kamen, involves a combination of different textures, materials, colors and heights - from low-rise buildings to skyscrapers. Thanks to this, a voluminous and heterogeneous space is created, which makes City Bay unique in this area of ​​Moscow. Clinker tiles in natural shades add coziness and tradition to mid-rise buildings; the combination of metal and glass dictates the futurism and ambition of skyscrapers.

A five-minute drive away is the fully landscaped Mitinsky Landscape Park. And the main centers of attraction and leisure time for residents will be the Crocus City and Vegas shopping centers - shopping and entertainment for the whole family. The Crocus City complex constantly hosts concerts, including world stars, exhibitions and other unique events.

Convenient access to the Moscow Ring Road and Volokolamsk Highway. Until Art. “Knitted” MCD is only 5 minutes on foot (travel time to Komsomolskaya Square is only 33 minutes), 5 minutes by public transport Tushinskaya metro station.

The internal area will be equipped with children's and sports grounds, places for walking and recreation.

On the first floors of the houses there will be shops for various purposes, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies and bank branches, and all household services necessary for a comfortable life. It is planned to build our own kindergartens and schools. Thanks to the “car-free yard” concept, the entire area will be safe for children.
address: Volokolamskoe highway, 92-97
district: SZAO
area: Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo
metro: Trikotazhnaya
number of storeys: 11 -52
type of house: monolithic
ceilings: 3
type: apartments
class: business
number of buildings: 8
number of rooms:   4 -  room apartments
area: from 25 sq.m. to 76 sq.m
finishing: pre-finishing
parking: underground, guest
security:  access system, video surveillance objects on the territory of a school, kindergarten, playgrounds, places for recreation, commercial objects
facilities on site: school, kindergarten, playgrounds, sports grounds, recreational facilities, supermarket, restaurants, fitness center, commercial facilities
prices: from 9 - 46 million rubles
readiness: 2023 - 2026
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