Residential complex "Headliner"

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"Headliner" // 2024
168 155 $
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The multifunctional residential area Headliner is located in the Central Administrative District, in close proximity to Moscow City. The uniqueness of the new facility, in addition to the height of buildings unusual for Russia and the saturation with innovative solutions, is revealed in the individuality of each house, the improvement of the adjacent territory, saturation with social and commercial functions. Life at high speeds when no compromises and unnecessary alternatives are needed. Maximum opportunities, absolute freedom, energy of endless prospects, all this is a unique complex of residential skyscrapers in the very center of the capital overlooking the Moscow City business complex.
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address: Moscow, Shmitovskiy proezd, 39
district: Central district: Presnensky
metro: Shelepikha, 5 min
on foot class: Business class
number of floors: 5-51
house type: monolithic brick
ceilings: 3 m type
apartments class: Business
1-4-room apartments
area: 29.5 - 131 sq.m
number of buildings: 10 finishing
fine parking: underground / guest prices
from 13.7 - 46.5 million rubles
readiness: 2019 - 2024
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