Residential Complex "Island" // st. Nizhniye Mnevniki //

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"Ostrov" // 2023-2026
187 284 $
ID объекта: 17960
The Ostrov residential complex is located in Krylatskoye, one of the most prestigious districts of the capital. The Krylatskoye area is widely known in Moscow for its favorable ecological situation with excellent transport accessibility. The elite residential complex "Ostrov" is adjacent to a forest-park area and resembles a fabulous corner. Residential complex "Ostrov" is a standard of convenience and comfort. Almost all the achievements of modern urban planning were applied in the design and construction of housing in the Ostrov residential complex. Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems that ensure the safety of residents, high-quality central air conditioning, modern filters for water purification and many other achievements of civilization - all this is the property of all residents of the Ostrov residential complex. The Ostrov residential complex is a modern compact low-rise village. It was built according to an individually designed project and organically fits into the surrounding landscape and natural landscape. In the residential complex "Ostrov" the territory is decorated with flower beds and lawns, playgrounds with small architectural forms placed on them are equipped for children, recreation areas are arranged for the elderly. Peace and safety of residents and guests of the residential complex "Ostrov" is provided by a modern, well-organized security system. Permanent access control is provided by a video surveillance and registration system. Future residents of Ostrova are offered exclusive open-plan apartments, which allows everyone to arrange a cozy corner to their liking. Especially the residential complex "Ostrov" will appeal to lovers of wildlife, they will be able to admire it from the windows of almost every apartment. To become the owner of an apartment in the Ostrov residential complex becomes the dream of everyone who has been here at least once.
address: st. Nizhniye Mnevniki
district: SZAO
area: Khoroshevo - Mnevniki
metro: Mnevniki
number of storeys: 5-23
type of house: monolithic brick, monolithic
ceilings: 3 - 4.9 m
type: apartments
class: business
number of buildings: 39
studios - 5-room apartments
area: from 25 sq.m. to 76 sq.m.
finishing: no finishing, finished with furniture
parking: underground, guest
security:  access system, video surveillance
facilities on the territory: children's playgrounds, recreational areas, sports grounds
prices: from 17.35 - 233.79 million rubles.
readiness: 2023 - 2026
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