Residential complex "Kutuzov Grad II"

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"Kutuzov Grad II" // passed
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The residential quarter "KutuzovGrad II" is a business-class quarter, which includes six 28-storey monolithic brick buildings. This is the second series of the residential complex "KutuzovGrad", built nearby by the same developer. The quarter is located in the Western administrative district of the capital, in the Mozhaisky district, in the 2nd lane of Peter Alekseev, three hundred meters from the Mozhaisk highway, 6 kilometers from the exit to the Moscow Ring Road, next to Ryabinovaya, Grodnenskaya, Vereiskaya streets, not far from Kutuzovsky prospect, Rublevsky and Aminevskoe highway, about 2 kilometers from the Kuntsevskaya metro station and the Kuntsevo platform, 3 kilometers from the Slavyansky Boulevard metro station.
The metro from "KutuzovGrad II" can be reached on foot or by public transport. The nearest bus stop is called “Petra Alekseeva Street”. The inner infrastructure of the quarter includes a farm products store, a children's educational center, a fitness club, a beauty salon, a cafe, a coffee shop. Within a radius of two to three kilometers from "Kutuzov Grad II" there are: private kindergartens "Tsvetik-seven-color", "Harmony", "Blagodatny sprout", Western complex of continuing education, schools No. 587, No. 1195, No. 1400, Lomonovskaya school, Gorodskaya clinical hospital № 11 named. M.E. Zhadkevich, Ambulance substation No. 15, Center of public services of Kuntsevo and Mozhaisky districts, driving school, supermarkets, Weekend Fair market, Kuntsevsky market, Kvadro, Petrovsky shopping centers, Myasnov chain store, Airsoft Store, business centers "Kuntsevo", "Rapira", Russia's first circus multicomplex "Circus of Miracles", sports complexes "Kuntsevo", "Setun Park", the universal sports palace "Wings of the Soviets" (home arena of the hockey club of the same name), football arena Home- arena, Arc de Triomphe. In less than five minutes from the block, you can reach the Oceania shopping and entertainment center located near the Slavyansky Boulevard metro station, where there is a Perekrestok supermarket, a fitness center, a cinema, cafes, restaurants and children's attractions.
A large shopping and entertainment center Kuntsevo-Plaza is located near the Molodezhnaya metro station. The ecological situation at the location of "KutuzovGrad II" is assessed as good. Near the quarter there are several green zones at once - Kozlovsky forest, a park in the floodplain of the Ivnitsa river, the Setun River Valley nature reserve, Filevsky Park, Matveevsky forest, Victory Park, park them. Anna German. The houses of the Kutuzov Grad II quarter are studios and apartments with the number of rooms from one to four, with an area of ​​28.94 sq. meters up to 124.36 sq. meters and ceilings with a height of 3.3 meters. Apartments are sold both with pre-finishing in White box format and with full-fledged designer finishes, which are offered in two color options (Onyx and Aquamarine). Other features and advantages of "KutuzovGrad II" - original facades of complex geometric shapes, panoramic windows, two-level apartments on the upper floors with fireplaces, exits to terraces and windows in bathrooms, author's decoration of entrance groups and common areas, paintings in halls, rooms for storage of baby carriages and sports equipment, individual storerooms up to 7.7 sq. meters, freight and passenger elevators, underground parking, completely car-free courtyard, concierge service, closed to outsiders territory with children's, sports grounds, original landscape design and access to the embankment of the Setun River.
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address: 2nd Lane Peter Alekseev
district: ZAO
area: Mozhaisky
metro: Davydkovo (4 min by car)
number of storeys: 28-30
type of house: monolithic
ceilings: 3.3 m
type: apartments
class: business
number of buildings: 6
2 - 5 room apartments
area: from 37 sq.m. to 139 sq.m.
finishing: unfinished, clean
parking: underground
security:  fenced perimeter, 24-hour security, concierge
facilities on the territory: playgrounds, sports grounds, commercial facilities, recreational areas
prices: from 16.91 - 52.13 million rubles.
readiness: passed
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