Residential complex "Level Prichalny"

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Residential complex "Level Prichalny"
83 475 $
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 is located in the North-West Administrative District of Moscow, in the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki area, a 3-minute drive from Moscow City. The nearest metro station, MCC Shelepikha station, is a 7-minute walk from the complex. Residents of Level Prichalny will have access to their own shopping center with a supermarket, restaurants, cafes, various shops, household goods, goods for animals, dry cleaning, a beauty salon and other services. In addition, the project will open a gastromarket with signature restaurants, corners with farm products and a delivery service. The project provides for a unique format - lifeworking; coworking space with all office equipment for remote work. Near the "Level Prichalny" there are more than 50 kindergartens and 25 schools in 5-15 minutes by car, as well as more than 10 grocery supermarkets. Level Berth is located in the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki area - one of the most ecologically clean and green areas of the capital - and is part of the actively developing territory of the Big City. Shelepikhinskaya embankment is located just a couple of minutes from Level Prichalny. The city's plans include its improvement and the creation of a linear park from Prichalny Proezd to the Belorussky railway bridge. The object will be located next to many large parks and recreation areas: the parks "Fili" and "Krasnaya Presnya", "Serebryany Bor" and "Beryozovaya Roscha". The architectural appearance of the Level Prichalny residential complex is being developed by the Ostozhenka bureau. The developer believes that he will be able to maintain affordable prices for a "square" with the proper quality inherent in the business class. Four buildings: "South", "East", "North" and "West" are visually unique: a light glass tier at the top and a massive one at the bottom create a comfortable visual perception of the complex. The lower part of the buildings is made of small-piece brick-like tiles with a gradient from light at the bottom to dark at the top and diagonally. This play of colors makes the central part of the courtyard, in which the active leisure zone is located, lighter. In addition, due to the location of the buildings, the two-level courtyard in the project is closed. The pedestrian bridge divides the courtyard space into different zones: an amphitheater, work space, lounge areas, playgrounds. In addition, a bicycle park and a dog walking area outside the perimeter of the yard will be landscaped. The project provides for more than 80 types of well-thought-out layouts of standard and euro format. Among the variety of planning solutions in residential buildings, there will be studios, one- and two-room lots, including Euro-format, with a footage of 18 "squares" or more. In addition, the complex will feature such rare formats as apartments with patios, terraces, bathroom windows, erekras and increased ceilings. Apartments are sold both with a rough finish and with a white box, as well as with a full-fledged designer finish, which is offered in two versions. Most of the apartments overlook the Moskva River and the Moscow City skyscrapers, from the upper floors there is a panoramic view of the Moscow State University building, skyscrapers on Smolenskaya and Kudrinskaya squares. In addition, 40% of the apartments at Level Prichalny are with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. The maximum dimensions of the windows are 3.03 m. In height and 4.3 m. In width. Ceilings in the spacious lobby, finished by the professional BergerBureau bureau, are up to 4.5 meters high. The space is divided into several areas: reception, lounge area and an elevator hall equipped with premium quality elevators with direct access to the underground parking. The heated two-level underground parking is designed for 685 cars. In addition, 485 storage rooms will be available to the residents of Level Prichalny.


address: Prichalny proezd, 8
district: SZAO
district: Horoshevo - Mnevniki
metro: Shelepikha
number of floors: 33 house
type: monolithic ceilings: 2.95 m type: apartments
class: business number of buildings: 4
area: from 17.3 sq.m. 167.6 sq.m
finishing: prefinishing, finishing, roughing
parking: underground
prices from: 7.8 - 46.4 million rubles
readiness: 2023-2024
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