Residential complex "Sky"

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Residential complex "Sky"
142 630 $
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Residential complex "Sky" is a cozy apartment saturated with light and sun, impressive views, next to a school, a kindergarten and a landscaped area without cars with an exclusive author's landscape and a playground, the proximity of a real forest and a river. " Residential complex "NEBO" is a high level of manufacturability, effective planning solutions, a variety of areas, its own trade and social infrastructure, and most importantly - the impeccable ecology of the Michurinsky Prospect area.


Moscow, Western District, Ramenki District

m. Ramenki, 8 min.

on foot Business class,

4 sq. Feb 2020 Studios,

1-4-room apartments

Apartment areas: 27 - 223 sq.m.

Project declaration on the website our.dom.rf 11.6 - 116.3 million rubles.

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