ЖК «Crystal (Кристал)» // 3 sq. 2025

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«Crystal» // 3 qr. 2025
174 706 $
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The architectural concept of the Crystal residential complex is based on crystalline forms, which are reflected as a leitmotif in the façade solutions. Stained glass bay windows and volumetric elements turn the building into the dominant feature of the area.

The restrained color schemes of the facades contrast with bright accents in the interiors of public areas, which, like the heart of a crystal, are made with jewelry precision and attention to detail. Their author is the leading architect of the international design bureau HBA Konstantina Kuzak. There will be a lounge area for receiving guests, and the decoration will use semi-precious stones with an original color combination.

The apartments have a functional and comfortable layout with good insolation. The highlight of the project are the Carre apartments - the name comes from the French word and means “quadrangular, square”, which fully reflects the configuration of the room.

The Crystal residential complex is located in the Union Park quarter, close to the new Karamyshevskaya metro station. The windows of the apartments will offer views of the Moscow River, Serebryany Bor, Zhivopisny Bridge and the Moskvoretsky natural and historical park, which are located near the complex.

Developed commercial and social infrastructure.
Transport accessibility: 10 minutes to the Third Transport Ring, 20 minutes to the Garden Ring.
The best elementary school in Moscow (Khoroshkola) and the best kindergarten on the territory.
10 minutes to the new metro station “Karamyshevskaya”

Good access to the house is provided from Marshal Zhukov Avenue and Marshal Tukhachevsky Street, and the proximity of the main highways in the north-west of Moscow determines convenient transport routes to any area of the city. The distance to the Moscow Ring Road is 9 km, to the Third Transport Ring - 7 km, to the Garden Ring - 10 km.

The internal infrastructure of the Union Park quarter includes the Union Shopping Center.

In the neighboring buildings there is a premium supermarket "Azbuka Vkusa", Lyceum No. 138 and the Serebryany sports complex with a four-lane swimming pool, gyms and a solarium.

Within walking distance are Gymnasium No. 1517 and the Kurchatov School, which are among the best secondary schools in Moscow, and the Music School named after. V. V. Andreeva, fitness club. There are two shopping centers, shops, bank branches, cafes, restaurants and service departments nearby.

The new house will become the architectural dominant of the area, as characteristic a symbol as the Zhivopisny Bridge.
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address:  st. Generala Glagolev, 14a k1

district: SZAO

district: Khoroshevo-Mnevniki

metro:  Oktyabrskoye Pole

number of storeys: 28-47

type of house: monolithic brick

ceilings:  3.1 m

type:  apartments

class:  business

number of buildings: 2

2-5 room apartments

area:  from 37 sq.m. up to 116 sq.m.

finishing:  no

finishing parking:  underground, separate multi-level, guest parking

security:  24/7 security facilities on site: children's playgrounds, recreational areas, fitness center, sports grounds

prices:  from 16 - 48.8 million rubles

readiness:  2023 - 2025

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