ЖК "Eniteo"

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ЖК "Eniteo"
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he new TEKTA GROUP project will appear near the Cheryomushki-Znamenskoye estate. The architectural concept from the Kamen bureau involves the construction of two towers with a height of 42 floors, united by a stylobate. The total area of the new building will be about 100 thousand square meters.


address: Sevostopolsky

prospect district: YuZAO

district: Kotlovka

metro: Krymskaya, Akademicheskaya

number of floors: 42

house type: monolithic

ceilings: 3.1 m

type: apartments

class: business

number of buildings: 2

2x - 5-room apartments - free

layouts area: from 41 sq.m. 171 sq.m

finishing: pre-finishing

parking: underground, guest

security: fenced perimeter, concierge facilities on the territory of recreation areas, sports grounds, offices, commercial facilities, concierge, closed area, fitness, concierge service

prices: from 15.12 - 75.47 million rubles

readiness: 2 sq. 2023 r



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