10 tallest skyscrapers in Moscow: how many meters and where they are located

10 tallest skyscrapers in Moscow: how many meters and where they are located
We are talking about ten complexes already built in the capital, which are the tallest at the beginning of 2024.
10th place
Height: 238.7 m
Architect: NBBJ
The Empire business complex ranks tenth among the tallest buildings in the capital. This 60-story skyscraper is located in the Moscow City business center and has a height of 238.7 m.
The building was designed in the neo-futurism style by the American architectural bureau NBBJ. Externally, the skyscraper resembles an ellipse made of glass and steel inscribed in a rectangle. This skyscraper was commissioned in 2011. The total area of ​​the high-rise is 203.1 thousand square meters. m. On the 4th–41st floors of the skyscraper there are offices with a total area of ​​121.4 thousand square meters. m. From the 43rd to the 59th floor there are apartments, including two duplex penthouses, with a total area of ​​45.3 thousand square meters. m. The Empire Blackyard shopping gallery is located on the first underground floor. It also connects the tower with its closest neighbors - the City of Capitals skyscrapers and the central core of the Moscow City business center.
9th place
Height: 246 m
Architects: RMJMScotlandLimited, Mosproekt-6
The Evolution Tower ranks ninth among the tallest buildings in Moscow. Its height is 246 m, the building has 55 floors. The project's lead architect is Tony Kettle, managing director of international architecture firm RMJM. The spiral shape of the skyscraper resembles a DNA molecule: two “ribbons” of opposite facades smoothly wrap and unite in a metal structure above the roof. The construction of the skyscraper in Moscow City was completed in 2015. Inside the building there are offices and retail spaces. Since 2016, the Evolution Tower has belonged to the Transneft company.
8th place
"Triumph Palace"
Height: 264 m
Architect: Tromos
In eighth place in the rating is the Triumph Palace residential complex in the Khoroshevsky district of the capital. It includes 57 floors and has a height of 264.1 m (including the spire). The skyscraper was designed by the Tromos architectural bureau under the leadership of Andrei Trofimov according to the technical specifications of the developer Donstroy.
The concept of the project is based on the idea of ​​reviving the style of the 1950s and continuing the best traditions of Stalinist high-rise buildings. Construction was completed in 2006. The residential complex consists of nine sections of different number of floors, which are located on a common five-story stylobate. The high-rise spire is assembled from eight modules weighing from 4 to 8 tons. After its installation in 2003, Triumph Palace entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest residential building in Europe.
7th place
Capital Towers
Height: 295 m
Architect: Sergey Skuratov Architects
In seventh position is another high-rise building in Moscow City - the Capital Towers skyscraper, 295 m high. It consists of three towers. They all have their own names: River Tower, City Tower and Park Tower. The minimalist project was developed by Sergey Skuratov Architects. Construction of the skyscraper will be completed in 2023. The total area of ​​three residential buildings and an underground five-level parking lot is almost 243 thousand m. These are the first skyscrapers in the business center where apartments, rather than apartments, appeared. In addition to housing, the skyscraper includes office space, retail space, restaurants and cafes.
6th place
"City of Capitals"
Height: 301.6 m
Architects: NBBJ bureau
In sixth place is the City of Capitals skyscraper, which was built in 2009. The high-rise is a complex of two towers. The height of the first, the Moscow Tower, is 301.6 m, there are 76 floors. The St. Petersburg Tower below is 256.9 meters high and has 65 floors. The project was developed by the American architectural bureau NBBJ. “City of Capitals” consists of blocks that are offset relative to each other. This architectural solution gives the towers dynamics: the high-rise changes shape depending on the angle and distance. Office space and retail space are located on floors four to 17, with residential apartments on the upper floors.
5th place
Height: 309 m
Architect: Swanke Hayden Connell Architects
The 70-story skyscraper “Eurasia” opens the top five. It has a height of 309 m. This is the only high-rise building in Moscow City built of steel; all other buildings here are built of concrete. "Eurasia" is the tallest skyscraper in Europe built on the basis of metal structures. The high-rise project was developed by the American architectural bureau Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. The tower combines classical and modern styles. The total area of ​​the skyscraper reaches 207.5 thousand square meters. m. Construction of the high-rise was completed in 2017.
The complex stands on a three-story podium that houses a fitness center and shops. Office premises with a total area of ​​about 85 thousand square meters are located on 43 floors. m. Most of the offices are occupied by structures controlled by VTB. Starting from the 46th floor, “Eurasia” houses 149 luxury apartments, their total area is almost 27 thousand square meters.
4th place
"Mercury City Tower"
Height: 338 m
Architects: Frank Williams & Partners Architects, Mosproekt-2
Fourth place in the ranking is occupied by the Mercury City Tower with a height of 338 m and 75 floors. The tower project was developed jointly by the American bureau Frank Williams & Partners Architects and the Mosproekt-2 team. The first 40 floors are occupied by offices. The Russian head office of Japan Tobacco is located here, which is located on five floors. Among the largest tenants of Mercury are MMC Norilsk Nickel, Megapolis JSC and Dixy PJSC.
Starting from the 42nd floor, the tower has 137 apartments. On the 40th floor of the building there is a multifunctional event space called Mercury Space with an area of ​​975 sq. m. m. At the level of 67–68 floors of the building, a media façade was installed, which became the tallest in Europe.
3rd place
Neva Towers
Height: 345 m
Architects: SPEECH, HOK and FXFOWLE Architects
The third place among the tallest buildings in Moscow is occupied by the Neva Towers skyscraper. It consists of two towers. The first (301.9 m) has 68 floors, the second (345 m) has 79 floors. The project was developed by the architectural bureau SPEECH in partnership with the American companies HOK and FXFOWLE Architects. Light stone lamellas are used in the decoration of skyscrapers. Construction of Neva Towers was completed in 2020. The total area of ​​the complex is 349.2 thousand square meters. One tower of this skyscraper is residential, and the second contains office space and retail space. The skyscraper also includes a hotel and fitness center with a swimming pool, and there is a private park on its territory.
2nd place
Height: 354 m
Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Silver - at the OKO skyscraper. The complex's south tower is 354 m high and has 85 floors, while the north tower is 245 m high and has 49 floors. The total area of ​​the skyscraper is 249.6 thousand square meters. m. The project was developed by the American architectural bureau Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The two towers of the high-rise are installed on one multifaceted crystal in the stylobate part, making it seem as if the building is floating in the air.
The skyscraper houses both residential and office premises. The Moscow government bought 55 thousand square meters from the owner of the towers, Capital Group. m to accommodate their departments. The offices of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, Rosstandart, Rosimushchestvo and Rostourism also moved here. In order to accommodate about 5 thousand officials, 75 thousand square meters were required. m of offices in the IQ-Quarter tower.
1st place
"Federation Tower"
Height: 373.7 m
Architects: Sergei Tchoban and Peter Schweger
In first place in the list of the tallest Moscow buildings is the Federation Tower in Moscow City. The skyscraper is the second tallest building in Europe after the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, but is ahead of the latter in the number of floors. The architectural project was developed by Sergei Tchoban together with Peter Schweger. The skyscraper includes two towers: “West” with a height of 242 m with 62 floors and “East” with a height of 373.7 m with 95 floors.
The basis for the Federation Tower complex was the foundation, which was based on a massive concrete slab. 14 thousand cubic meters were spent on filling it. m of concrete, this achievement was even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. The building houses offices and apartments. In addition, on the 89th floor of the Vostok Tower there is the highest observation deck in Europe.

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