Real estate agents

Filonova Svetlana

Our company is our mechanism that attracts and develops. He is always charged with positivity and development. We are moving forward towards our achievements, better service and new technologies. We do not stand still and we have many goals and plans ahead, which we diligently implement.

Business management. Marketing. Business negotiations with Moscow and foreign developers, as well as investors. Creative approaches and strategies. This is just a small part of what Svetlana does.

Svetlana’s motto: “Our hard work, transparency and honesty have always been our unshakable motto. We are improving our luxury real estate agency for people, for ourselves, for the priority that is invested in the purchase of real estate. By improving the details and coming up with new development mechanisms leading to the implementation of our plans plans, we help make our profession better, and the quality of the service provided is at its best!”

Matyuk Olga
Business assistant

Olga Matyuk’s responsibilities include organizing the company’s business processes, as well as their control. We owe the variety and ordering of our star houses and interiors to Olga. Beyond the vastness of the local market, Olga’s responsibilities also include developing trusting relationships with our foreign partners and colleagues.

Olga's motto: "Always keep up with the times, not be afraid of change and the ability to balance control and execution!"

Kechetzhieva Tamara
Business assistant

Administration, establishment and implementation of business processes. Quickly find answers to current questions. Speed and literacy. What we do Tamara in our company. Organization of international processes with contractors and developers, high level of English. All this undoubtedly leads the company to success!

Tamara’s motto: “Yesterday it was good, but today we will do it better! Create, dream, realize, but do not forget that before every victory there is a ton of self-discipline, work and responsibility.”